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Project Description
dotFB is a facebook Graph API client library for Windows, Web and Phone Client.

Initial release:
  • Core framework library for future release.
  • Publish and Search Facebook information by using Facebook Graph API.
  • Single Object Model and easy use.

Future release:
  • Re-encapsulate object for more easily usage.
  • functions you recommend.

Please view this component's introduction at:

This component requires Json.NET for JSON data handling.

Important announcement
If you use this component to implement image upload function, the message parameter will represent to unreadable code if it's non-english characters, this problem is occurred by code (encoding is not UTF8), please refer this article:, you can fix this by modify "Helpers.BuildMultipartPostData()" function (code number 53, 55 and 56), change the Encoding.Default to Encoding.UTF8 and rebuild the component, this problem will be fixed.

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